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Friday, January 6, 2012

Good mornings.

This week I went to a conference in Atlanta where the weather and schedule were less-than-ideal for running.  I managed a 3.2 miler in 16 degree weather and this morning and played catch-up with a ten-miler.  I'll have to run another six tonight and another six in the a.m.

Running this many miles is crazy.  It's often boring.  I think it's gonna be hard, but I feel purposeful and it's only week one and giving up is just no fun.

But at the Passion Conference in Atlanta I just realized how much God can do through a few people.  45,000 college students raised 3 million dollars to stop global slavery.  God owns it all and He uses even our selfish desires to glorify Himself.

As I ran ten miles this morning and listened to a little bit of Revelation I was able to pray that like John we would see what has been, what is, and what is to come.  We need the eyes of faith to keep pressing in.

I am also praying today for high schoolers who are pregnant and scared, that they would realize what is inside of them is no disposable and that God would provide people to comfort them and protect their child on the journey of delivering a baby.   

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