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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spring BREAK!

I'll not lie that March has been madness so far and that despite the tick-tocking countdowning of imminent marathon that I haven't been acting much like a true athlete.  It's been a great time to slow the soul down and realize new year's and Lenten resolutions are hard to keep.  Good news I passed all my tests!!!

Weddings (yay Katie and Seth!), flights to and from Florida (yay running with Muriel!), and drives to Philadelphia (yay mom and dad!) aren't conducive to packing in miles on to the Asics (so what?).

I'm about 25 miles behind schedule (pshaw!) and obvi. donations to Blueridge aren't exactly rolling in (yet Jehovah Jireh) so we're even in waiting on God for energy and monies (waiting is good for me).

But it is good time to realize how rich and valuable life really is: people matter most.  I got to talk to a guy (yay Chase!) on the plane a bit about my philosophy of personhood and "what makes us human" and got to ruminate more on Bonhoeffer's "Ethics" and how he viewed human life as valuable.

It's cold up here where my parents live in Philly-area but on the rest of my spring break I think I'll manage a few long run days and a few more good convos and reading times on what matters most in life.

This week I am praying for CHESTER, PENNSYLVANIA which has one of the highest 12-year-old pregnancy rates in the U.S. (and world).  I pray God preserves the products of these pregnancies and these precious mothers who desperately need the Father's heart to give them the fulfillment only He can give.

Persevere, press on, run hard.

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