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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sister Retreat

I've said it before but I'll say it again but one of my favorite bits about being Pro-life is that it frees you to be completely pro-family.  It's just that simple.  I love life and I love families, the messed up ones and the ones that pretend their not messed up.  This week in class with all this reproductive stuff there's been a lot of implications that patients "plan" their families.  I like to think God does that, or should, because mine turned out just fine and I'm about 100% sure He planned it.

I am thankful for my sisters.  At dinner with some friends last week they mentioned that they befriended a lot of Chinese students and to my friend's chagrin, she asked a student, "How many siblings do you have?"  He gave her a blank stare, "It's just me."  Oh yeah, China's one-child policy....

I'm saddened for all those who don't get to experience brotherhood and sisterhood like I do so I'm gonna take this blessing and love every second of it.

They've each informed the way I live each and every day.  They live in my life whether they mean to our not because people mark our lives and beautiful, strong, loving people mark our lives the most: my sisters are more--they are Image-Bearers of the Image of God, Jesus.

Abigail- she taught me that there is never a wrong time to seek for someone to be discipled.  She's so good and teaching and I remember so many times she'd have us read the word together--always wanting us to grow.

Hannah- she taught me that it's okay to not be okay.  It's okay to ask God, "Why?"  It's okay to realize that God didn't call us to do everything but only to love with everything we are.

Cate- she taught me that to live in safety is the most unsafe way to live, that to not try with full power to run a fast marathon is a waste of time.  And that to display true love is to fight evil with love that's based in the truth.  And mostly, that joy is experienced from probing people's life stories & reading books.

Emma- she taught me that Jesus changes everybody, that true beauty is acknowledging that every person is beautiful, that kids are amazing, that math is hard but Jesus is better, and that there's never a bad time to go to Taco Bell.
Time for a sister retreat in Virginia Beach!

Bacon, corn-on-the-cob, blackberry cobbler, movie nights, beach runs, OH YEAH!

Nobody said sisters didn't have bad hair years...Oh, Cate, glad you learned how to shave! ;0

We're good at things.

 They came all the way to Florida to see me graduate.  :) 

 Emma and I, we just love our bacon!  And our Mr. Bacon action figure!

THE MARRIEDS--before they got the MRS. title!

 Sisters are strong.

C'mon, Cate, we love ya!

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