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Monday, July 9, 2012

Thankful Monday.

Mondays are by nature perhaps a little more discouraging then other week days so I antidote, taking cues from the Psalms I've been listening to on my runs, and give thanks.  I am a Pilgrim which makes me extra called to THANKSGIVING:

  • Hot, tiring, but exhilarating run up Mill Mountain with nice John Mac sermons that blew my mind
  • SEEING THE ELEPHANTS TONIGHT at the Salem Fair with roomie Nora!  
  • Being encouraged by a passing test grade on anemia!  WOOT!  I'm smawt!
  • Learning the word for "bladder" in medical spanish today.  VEJIGA.  It's an important organ
  • Some nice texts from some nice friends & fam.
  • Finding out I DO have an exam on EKGs which is good because I'll learn more!  
  • Calling an abortion clinic (faking them out) and finding out the hours so I can pray better for life-saving
  • FIVE YEARS of Heartbeat of Miami pregnancy clinics!   http://www.facebook.com/Heartbeatofmiami  I love birthdays!
  • RAIN!  And "cooling" weather.
May God's grace abound in my heart, my city, my family, my nation, and my Father's world to save us from our sins.

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