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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Letter C

Everybody loves a letter of the alphabet more than another.

"C" is becoming my favorite letter.  It's a great letter because my name would look horrific spelled KAROLINE.  C is for consistent.  And crazy.  And COFFEE COFFEE, (also crappy--whoops).

I love C's.  This week I am learning to love them more.  C's are cooler than B's.  There is no B in ICE CREAM but there are two C's.  There is no B or A in COOL.  Boom.  C's are also versatile.  Like in that glorious word: ice cream.

C is also the beginning letter of beautiful places called: CRISIS pregnancy centers.  Wow, I just love C's.

Thank you Jesus, today, for beautiful C's!

And of course, as the cookie monster is so great at reminding us...
Happy Wednesday, errybody!

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