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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Everyone needs a Hannah.

There's still three hours left for her birthday and by golly I'm gonna appreciate her.

everyone needs a Hannah.

Let me explain.  Hannah is my sister.  she is my role model, my intrepid heroine, my spiritual mentor, my dear friend, and I've known her from my day one!  

What's so great about another sister?  Well, Hannah isn't just another sister.  She's...Hannah.  You've just gotta know her to truly get it.  She's my forerunner.  If Hannah can, then at least I'll try.  

everyone loves Hannah.

Let me explain.  Hannah loves people and children LOVE Hannah.  Hannah makes kids smile on the metro (and everywhere).  Just by smiling at them (you have to see this in real life because it warms your heart!).  Hannah has so many friends, meets people for coffee to give brilliant, godly counsel.  Hannah gives hugs, love, gifts, and kind, wise words like no one else I've ever met.  Hannah makes everyone's days brighter just by being.  She's not perfect and knows it which makes her even more incredible!  She's super humble about...all her skills... and she has many.  Hannah's mega generous and bought my car Anita, helped pay my way through college, bought me my favorite shirt (big, important things).   Also.  Hannah's the best nurse D.C. Children will ever have and the best nurse/crazy-missionary/entrepreneur that Medair will ever have.  But what Hannah does actually doesn't define her: Jesus defines Hannah.  Everyone loves Hannah because Hannah loves Jesus a lot and vice versa.  It's perfect.  

everyone who knows Hannah is inspired by her

Let me explain.  Hannah's life compels your life.  First, Hannah acts in love.  She is careful with who and what she does so she can maximize loving!  Do you know how many lives Hannah has touched?  Who could?  Probably thousands by now.  Hannah inspires by her wisdom.  Hannah reads incredible books like a genius, shares them, gives them away actually, and just pours out great stories and love.  I've read/been inspired by at least 50 books Hannah discovered and passed on to me (e.g. There's no Me without You.  Hospital By the River.  A Chance to Die.  Thoughts in Solitude.)  Hannah is able to love without judging, give without expecting back, and pray in faith.  It all adds up to an incredible life that impacts and inspires others.  Yes, of course, Hannah has her flaws in all of this but she knows Jesus uses those too.  

So happy birthday to a life well lived (so far).  Here's to the next decades and decades of beautiful living!

Hannah is just lovely in so many ways.

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