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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Run up some mountains....

Hello life-runners,

  As of last week, I officially became a "BRM blogger."  And what does this illustrious, if not ambiguous title mean?  Well, to me it means two things: 1) I got a free entry to run the Blue Ridge Marathon 2013 and 2) It means I get to give away FREE STUFF from my blog (I think the free stuff is like custom orthotics so no free food, you piggies out there).  

But what this means is that I'll also be running the TOUGHEST ROAD MARATHON IN THE U.S. this April.  Which means I need to step up my training.  I "try" to do my 5-6 miles a day, but most of those are "sludge" miles, mindlesses plodding with no direction and little aerobic merit.  All this has got to change if I'm gonna run like a boss in this crazy 26.2.  

I'm on a break from school which is good and bad for the training (bad because I eat tons of free food from my parents and good because I sleep 12 hours a night).  Anyway, the break has given me a new perspective on the extent of slothfulness of the human body.  I am a sloth.  And also a dose of reality that I probably won't complete ALL my miles this year, and definitely won't get all the money in, but that where Team Work comes in.

I found, via my friend Mary Catherine, Life Runners, so that when this year ends, goal unfinished, I have a group of runners to keep running for life with.  Heck, maybe I'll start a chapter!  

Stay tuned as I consider a MARATHON TRAINING PLAN, give details on the FREE STUFF, and learn more about how to support women in my community with life-saving alternatives to abortion!


Also, be in prayer for the 2012 Blueridge Pregnancy Center Banquet on September 20th!  

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