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Monday, August 27, 2012

Running in Roanoke.

Well, I don't have wireless at my apartment yet (my old apartment flooded and I had to move).  Plus side of apartment flooding and moving is that moving is a BOSS workout.  My quads are basically stronger than ever and I did curls with boxes five days in a row.  Yay life!

I realized today, running in the balmy 88 degree weather that I've been running in Roanoke for a year.  I think that makes me an expert, don't you?  I mean, I've probably run at least 2300 miles around here so if that's not expertise, what is?

I've learned some things and who doesn't like a nice list which can educate and amuse.  In the words of a theme song to an old t.v. show and my friend Heather's twitter blurb, "You can have a town, why don't you take it?"

I've taken the running for sure.

  • Never expect rain.  It really rarely has poured on any of my runs, morning or night or afternoon.  It's not like Florida
  • Don't try to run on highways.  Duh, but in some places there's a bigger shoulder; Roanoke roads are mostly narrow but fortunately there are trails.
  • Find a greenway.  I hang on the Murray River and the Roanoke River Greenway.  
  • Run up a mountain.  We have a whole parkway with so little traffic; why not?
  • Don't steal people's bananas.  I almost ate a banana I found on the side of the parkway but realized it was a bikers who was saving it for his ride up the mountain.  Athletes here are serious.  Whoops!
  • The food/pre-races at the races here is sub-par.  I miss Florida for this.  Post-races for the Big Lick Tri in Bedford was quality but the Star City Half & Blueridge Half among others just wasn't the best.  I won't go into Wintergreen but that wasn't in Roanoke....
  • It doesn't get too cold.  Honestly, it's mild; you need the treadmill more in the summer.
  • There are some weird dog owners.  That's universal but I've nearly been eaten alive too many times for comfort.
  • Get trail running shoes.  I just bough on sale some vivo "barefoot" shoes I'm gonna test out on trails.  Excited.  I love TJ max deals!
  • Praying while you run is distracting here but it's a great place to run, pause, look at God's beauty and be thankful.  I have found many "quiet stream" moments to consider my God of justice.
To God be the glory for the great things He's doing this week in Roanoke.  Saving souls and babies and lives and healing hearts and hurts.

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