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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

you are training for this moment....

I had this epiphany today, out running in the humid 80 degree temperature on the River Greenway, headed north: I am training for today.  Simple.  I have a Tough Mudder event on Saturday, hopefully the Richmond Marathon in November, a 5k here or there, but so what?  I am training for today.  Forget all that other stuff, all those other pressures, all this stuff in life, passing my boards, getting a career, saving preborns, going to Africa.  Right now I'm just running because it's good and what I'm supposed to do.

Daily bread.  Daily run.  Today.  Right now.  Just do it.

I'm not one for "self-help" habits and drastically upheaving a lifestyle which is why I revel in these moments where we delight in doing what we do every day, and what we do well.  It's exciting, to just run because you can.

Contemplating doing the Seven Peaks.  Why not?
Run, world, run.

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