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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Run: when ya don't feel like it.

I've had no excuse for not updating the old blog except I don't feel like it.  Which is honestly the most major excuse we have when not treating our bodies with dignity and giving them aerobic loving.  It's not really our shoes, our blisters, the weather, it's really all about a feeling.  That doesn't get us far.

Fortunately, I've been running through the feelings and gotten some lovely runs in the past couple weeks including a jog up Mill Mountain, a Philly-area run with dad, and a rainy run yesterday on the Murray River Run.  I haven't much felt like doing those, but I have and I haven't regretted it.

This whole "not feeling like it" is kinda scary considering that the Blue Ridge Marathon will require loads of dedication, the Blue Ridge Women's Center requires dedicated staff and volunteers, and that for our culture to become one that respects life will require much prayer and dedication.

I don't know how to overcome the daily laziness of life in general, but there's plenty of ways to overcome it for running in particular.

Days I don't feel like it, I try to:

  • Reschedule on my calendar the morning run I skipped
  • Text a friend to jog with me
  • Go to the gym with a roommate
  • Lay out my running clothes and shoes
  • Look at a picture of Dean Karnazes 
  • Pray
  • Eat something way delicious and way unnutritious so I feel guilted into going
Sometimes, these things help.  I hope they will today.  Blue Ridge Parkway, here I come!

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