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Monday, October 15, 2012

Wanna win a FREE race entry?

As some of you know, I crazily signed up for America's Toughest Road Marathon, the Blue Ridge Marathon , AMERICA'S TOUGHEST ROAD MARATHON, right here in lovely Roanoke, Virginia.

It's APRIL 20th, 2013.  SOON enough to commit but far enough away to TRAIN.

Annnnnddd, I'm also an "official blogger" which means that I get to give away one FREE RACE ENTRY to one lucky winner!

First, a little more about the race!

  • There's a half-marathon (13.1 miles), a full-marathon (26.2), a 5-person relay option, and the "unofficial double" (start at 2:30 a.m. and then do it again when the marathon starts=52.4miles)
  •      The full marathon course has over 7,234 feet of elevation changes! 
elevation map

  • There are three mountains to ascend, and descend.  
  • First mountain- from mile one to 7 then downhill 2 miles
  • Second climb you get to the top of Mill Mountain
  • Third climb is at mile 17 where you meander through some Roanoke neighborhoods (check out the race map below)
  • There's other cool stuff like supportive crowds, community art project for the t-shirt design, Pasta dinner with Bill Rogers (and a chance to run with this Legend)
  • There is a COOL VIDEO showing you the course!

So, it's a crazy adventure, all the way around Roanoke and in the heart of the Blue Ridge mountains, but you could get a FREE RACE by doing one of the following:

  1. Comment on the blog with your name and WHAT MOTIVATES YOU TO TRAIN!  
  2. Follow me on Twitter and tell me you want to enter the give-away (@caroline pilgrim): "I want to win a free #runblueridge givaway from @carolinepilgrim because..."
  3. Tag this link on Twitter to @BRM26pt2 and mention you saw my give-away
  4. Leave a comment or tag the Blue Ridge marathon page and let me know you did on this blog or Twitter
  5. If you got my numba', just call me up and let's chat about life and why we run so much anyway! 
(Kinda the point of all of this is to ADVERTISE America's Toughest Road Marathon so tagging stuff on Twitter and facebook is kinda the point.  Each tag=a contest entry!  When tagging include #runchat or #runblueridge)

After you let me know you wanna try to get a free race entry, I'm going to assign your name a number and use a RANDOM number generator to pick!  You'll be notified within two days and you can let me know WHICH RACE you want to enter!)

THIS CONTEST RUNS FROM October 15th-20th so you'll be notified the 22nd if you won!

Photos below are from one 5 mile loop I did at Mill Mountain.  It's beautiful folks!  RUN THE RACE!
photos on the front side of Mill Mountain

This place is beautiful to run on!  You'll run down this hill for the 2nd leg of the Half.

These woods are what make Roanoke so unique.

My friend here is right on the trail and he's pumped to TRAIN!  JOIN US!


  1. If I get a free entry I'll run the 1/2.

  2. I train for the challenge of the distance and the satisfaction of the race bling around my neck :) If I won the free entry I would run the half.

  3. Training for a race allows me to escape life's little stressors and gives my mind the chance to wander freely. Annnnd perhaps someday.... I can be a beast like you Caroline!!! :)

  4. Sweet!! I've been looking for another race after the two halfs I've done, but in the running scene, two halfs dosn't equal a whole! I'd love to run in the Blue Ridge Mountains...that's my home state! With the echedule I've got in the Spring, not sure I could train for a full, but I'd love to do the half!:)
    Glad to see you're doing this!:)
    ~Sarah Bryan

  5. I've run the half 3 time and would love to try the whole! This is a great and well-run race in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia!
    Kate Irwin

  6. What motivates me to train....registering for ridiculously hard races. Have to get my butt off the couch to make it to the finish!

  7. What motivates me is knowing that I'm setting a good example for my son!

  8. I commented on their Facebook that you sent me!

  9. I posted your giveaway on twitter and shared the link :D

  10. I train because I love to race. I love to race because I love to see what I am made of.

  11. I train because I want to be at my best for my husband, puppy, and future child(ren)!

  12. Followed you on twitter and told you why I want to run!

  13. I commented on your blog (see above, haha), followed you on twitter, tweeted to @BRM26pt2, and commented on the BRM FB page. I would've called you but I don't have your number! :)

  14. Tagged the blog post on twitter!

  15. My 1st marathon was National College Blue Ridge Marathon, my 2nd marathon was labeled AMERICAS TOUGHEST ROAD MARATHON, and my 3rd marathon was still AMERICAS TOUGHEST ROAD MARATHON! Why do I continue to run it? because the race doesn't get easier the runner gets tougher! I love to run, because I love the challenge!

  16. The joy of running and wanting to explore my limits motivates me to train :)

  17. I run because I love the feeling of success when I finish. As I've moved across the country, I find that I love the success of getting up a hill, especially when it's surrounded in trees and beauty.

  18. I'm following you on twitter and tweeted the page.

  19. I posted on the BRM Facebook page too!