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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Well, 2012 is over but my 2,012 miles are not.  No, I didn't quite reach my goal and I lost a little of my gusto at the end.  Running (mostly) every day was incredible.  I ran almost 1600 miles despite the onset of winter, a tough schedule, and a disappearance of motivation.

I'm not ashamed of that.  I'm not ashamed, either of the $220 to the Blue Ridge Women's Center.  Yeah, it's not $2,012, or anything near it at all.  Bummer.  But that's okay because I really think some of the lessons and prayers on so many of my runs will be hear in coming years.  I feel like my 2,012 miles for life was like the first mile of a marathon.  It was a crowded mile and a slow, rough start, but it's completed.  I didn't do exactly what I sat out to do but I did something.

This goal was a refocusing point of my life.  I love to think about the question, "What do you do no matter what every single day?"  The answer is telling about who you are.  I can honestly say after this year that an answer to that question is, "I run.  I pray."

There are so many more miles to run, initiatives for amazing local nonprofits, hard work, long runs, marathons, and blog posts in my future.  And if this was a first step in all of that, I'd say it was a good go.

So, happy new year, and stay updated about my attempts to train and complete the Blue Ridge Marathon this April.  And keep running, and loving people around you because every year you do brings you closer to His Return.

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