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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

88% of New Years Resolutions are BROKEN

We as humans are set-up for failure. We all know this and I especially know this from my running hobby. I always set my half-marathon goal WAY faster than I ever actually run it. I set up training plans I never complete. I set up resolutions to eat better that usually get halted by a giant pan of brownies on a late night...we are humans and most of us just know we're gonna bonk. For this reason a lot of people don't want to love preborns. Gee, life is hard and why should some impoverished 16-year-old in Vinton, Virginia (quite a small town) bring another human into the world who will just fail. She should go to Planned Parenthood on Peters Creek Road before she's 12 weeks along and get rid of her problem and the problem of another human failure to increase Virginia's population. That daddy doesn't want a baby either. No babies would seem to mean less failures in our state and nation. I happen to love failures. I happen to love mistakes. I happen to love the "whoops! that was dumb" moments of life. I think that without broken resolutions and failings life would be completely boring and pointless. Problemless living would put me out of a job because most of healthcare jobs are supported by people who won't stop failing at life (smoking, obesity, alcoholism, etc.) Gee, I'm gonna try to run 2,012 miles. 5.5 miles a day. 38 miles a week. I'm gonna try to pass another semester of PA school. I'm gonna try to actually complete projects I started with the Blueridge Women's Center. I'm gonna try to KEEP MY NEW YEARS RESOLUTION. BUT I'm not gonna be surprised when life gets hard and I get dumb and slip. Grace is what my 2012 is about. Grace that is given freely, without cost, without money, without obligation except faith in the one runner who never stopped, who never quit, who never said, "whoops, that was dumb" and who kept going and going and going. This year is for the Perfect Runner Jesus. I hope that 2012 is the year that more women who wanna say, "whoops, that was dumb" hear instead, "Yep. But I ran perfectly for you and your baby is no mistake." Here's to broken resolutions of 2012!

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