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Monday, January 23, 2012

Fighting Night

My to-do list is too long and I'm 8 miles behind schedule.  I spent a beautiful weekend learning how to be more Pro-Life at two conferences.  Amazing.  In a bit I've got to go hash out six miles on the treadmill. That's ok.  Tonight is a fighting night in which I wonder which moms and babies received loving care at pregnancy resource centers all over the nation.  I wonder how many thousands of women are choosing life because hundreds of thousands of Americans are in DC marching for that very thing.  I wonder.


Tonight is my fighting night in which fear is repressed.
A fight in which indolence is left in past ashes
A fight in which man and God witness persistance.
A night where the light is brighter than full day.

If every night is not a fighting night than I mock That Garden-kiss that means my salvation.

GO!  Study!  RUN!  LEARN!


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