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Friday, January 27, 2012


Just got back from an 8-miler and it is incredible: January and 61 degrees with partly cloudy, mysterious skies.  Thankful.

Fridays mean a lot to my spiritual and Pro-Life journey and so today my prayers were especially with any pregnant-and-scared college students, specifically in Gainesville, Florida, the place I learned abortion was a real choice for real people just like me.

Friday Christ was crucified.  Friday we killed Jesus.  Friday we abort children.  And Fridays are days of hope and mysterious skies to run under.

My prayers are with those women who will walk into Bread & Roses Abortion Facility in Gainesville, Florida at 1 p.m. today--maybe they'll choose to walk out.

My prayers are with clients of Blueridge Women's Center--that they'll walk in and find the Savior that found me.

Happy Friday!

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