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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Top Ten Reasons to Choose Life

Top Ten Reasons to Choose Life

I just googled "top ten reasons to choose life" because I wanted to just hear 10 positive reasons that people matter.  I got nothing.  So I'm gonna create this list because it needs to be out there.

Why would we call ourselves Pro-Life if we cannot even get beautiful reasons to love our children on the first 3 pages of a google search?

Here goes:


1) Your baby is beautiful, even though it's teeeeeny tiny!
2) Pregnancy unites your and your partner on a journey that will change your lives!
3) When you're pregnant, for the last 3 months you are SUPPOSED  to eat more food.
4) Your child could end up doing anything, everything, and change the world.
5). Everything about your baby will be a reflection of you and your partner--a mini-you yet still unique!
6) Pregnancy is what the female body is supposed to do.  Fatherhood is what the male body is supposed to do biologically and socially and spiritually.  It feels right to do what you're supposed to do.
7) You will have to sacrifice for your child, but your whole life a voice will say, "Mom" or "Dad" and mean you--only you.
8) Babies are the best excuse to celebrate: baby showers, birthday parties, first Christmases, first day of schools, etc.
9) The world only gets one of you and it only gets one of your child.  We need your baby and your baby needs you!
10) Life is a gift.  Give it.

Choose life!

***Of course, every situation isn't easy, every pregnancy isn't supported, every father isn't around, and every baby isn't "perfect" but you, as a mom, can give your baby the best life you are able regardless.  It's your chance to give someone a gift that they don't deserve.  You have power to bestow: LIFE***

1 comment:

  1. Caroline,
    I think these are 10 beautiful reasons to Choose Life!
    Thanks for sharing them.