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Thursday, April 26, 2012

I have cool relatives.

The best part of being pro life is that you can full embrace your family as...your family.  You admit that no fam. is perfect but you appreciate and learn and are inspired by what they do.

My running inspiration are my Aunt Kathy & Uncle Steve.  They are mega disciplined and just one of those uber-cool, healthy-but-still-eat-bacon couples.  I remember a couple years ago, after they had been running 1/2 marathons voraciously, they admitted that marathon wasn't in the picture.  They liked their halves and that was long enough.  But I know.  When you subscribe to Runner's World and go to a bajillion race expos, you've gotta try 26.2.  Everybody else is doing it!  So.  They are now avid marathon runners (I've lost count of how many they've done).  AND they are now 80 milers.  That is, they did 80 miles in a team with my uncle Ben, running from the Mississippi to the Ohio river (your guess about this geography is as good as mine).  But basically, that's awesome!

I have a really cool running family.

An old pic from one of Kathy & Steve's first marathons in 2011

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