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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Broad Truth.

hello from my favorite bucksies in my favorite college town.  I love road trips.

This Sunday I ran the Broad Street Ten Miler.  Claim to fame, the largest and fastest ten miler in the country.  33,000 participants.  It was definitely an experience.  I got to downtown Philly around 6:30 a.m., took a school bus 12 miles up to the north part of town(?)--quite an experience packed in a school bus with 70 other runners.     I was in the front corral which is good news for such a huge race that has wave starts.

Best part of the race?

...it's DOWNHILL.  Like really.  I had no idea why this race was so popular.  It's just a race, right?  Then I ran the first mile in less than 7 minutes and I realized: when you run a race downhill it is fun.  Running down hill for 10 miles was the cakiest race I've ever done and the streets were just jam-packed with Philly natives.

I was rather lonely but managed to finish up, find my car, and drive to church to meet mom & dad.

Highlight of the a.m. was hearing a great sermon on 1 Peter and a Cheescake Factory lunch with mom afterwards.  Changing out of my sweaty clothes in the parking lot was an adrenaline rush but I made it in time for the 1st hymn.

I've thought that if I had a church I'd put treadmills in the sanctuary so people could run while hearing the sermon (how I listen to most sermons) so we'll see if my idea goes somewhere one day.

Last thought: as I'm in this crowd of runners, 33,000, most of whom are under 40, I wonder about the OTHER THIRD.  The third of potential runners who weren't born in my country because of abortion.  I wonder about those friends when I'm crowds.  Especially when I do something alone.  What friend am I not running with because their mom didn't choose life 20 odd years ago?  This is the crisis I see when I run and I never, never just want to run aimlessly.  We should never do that.  We should run for purpose, for a great purpose, for PEOPLE, for LIFE.

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