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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dear friends!

Although it's hump day for many of you, I have the God-given privaledge of being on a much-needed break from school.  My semester ended rather rockily performance-wise and I am excited to just spend a few weeks away from the multiple choice doom I normally encounter day-to-day.

And today is special because not only did my mom make me coffee in their beautiful home, but I also get to see two women that have influenced me more than any other friends I have.  I pray for them like sisters and love them deeply. 

I first met Tory in 2007 in the dark around a giant campfire at Ski Hill at Honey Rock Camp in Wisconsin.  She scared me because she was instantly incredible and would lead me and 9 other freshman to lake superior on a 10 day hike in the woods of the UP of Michigain.  Tory is the most energetic and intelligent followers of Christ I know.  She is incredible and her passion for truth in boggy areas is remarkable.  I never got to visit her during her stint teaching middle and high schoolers in Lebanon but I appreciated all the stories I heard of her teaching these kids to love to read and love truth and history and creativity!  She is a world-changer!  I haven't see her in THREE YEARS since before I went to UF and it is just going to be a joy.

I met Heather that same year through a friend I'd hiked on that crazy journey with.  It was no accident.  Heather was my roommate, cheerleader, listening-ear, and just incredible best-friend companion a really hard spring when I was at Wheaton.  Since then it's just hard to know where Heather hasn't impacted my soul from poetry to food preferences to a deeper understanding of how to love my family. Heather is the kindest, most considerate, and faithful friend I've ever had.  And she is so GOOD at balancing really incredible jobs/internships/hobbies with all her friends.  I just love her so much and am so proud of her life in NYC!

These are people who have impacted me and are still doing so just by pure example.  They're just people but they're not just people--they're my friends.

And these people, my friends, matter tremendously.  I couldn't keep living without them.  I love people and how my God creates them and draws them into our paths and uses them for His glory!

They make me wanna keep running for more and more people.

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