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Friday, June 15, 2012

My Dad.

I love holiday's that celebrate important people and there is no one in my life as important as Kevin Hugh Pilgrim.  My dad is my hero because he is a everyday hero--he's a hero everyday because he just does the right thing day-in-and-day-out.  He's a Pro-Life hero, a war hero, an Great American, a Freedom Fighter, a brilliant engineer, an incredible husband, and man of great conviction.  He is strong.  If it hadn't been for the 2004 Army Ten-Miler dad signed me up for, I may never have become a marathoner.  And if it weren't for dad paying that 2007 Myrtle Beach Marathon race fee, I know I wouldn't have become a marathoner.

Thanks, Dad.

- Dad loves Jesus.  I can't even count how many times I've seen him cry when he talks about Jesus coming back.  He wants it so badly, the promise of Revelation 21--no pain, no tears, no abortions....
- Dad loves family.  He tells a great story about his parents and grandparents.
- Dad loves his girls.  He took and takes great care of them and I wouldn't be here without his great care.
- Dad loves America.  He's sacrificed so much of his time and energy and will to make her better.
- Dad loves the U.S. Army.  We're the biggest, the strongest, and the mightiest.  "If you've got a tank, you've got a town."
- Dad loves history.  He loves war history, the civil war, tanks, D-day, the Korean War, George Washington...  We must've gone to the West Point weapons museum 50 times when we lived there.
- Dad loves my mom.  He's crazy about her and knows exactly what she likes.  I remember the day he told me, "Caroline, I've known your mother longer than you have..."  Oh yeah, Dad, you do know her.
- Dad loves to teach the Bible.  From family dinners, to home groups, to one-on-one discipleship, my dad uses his sword well.
- Dad loves to hunt.  And it all tastes good.  Thanks, dad.
- Dad loves to garden.  And it all tastes good.  Thanks, dad.  Remember that giant pumpkin?

My dad is smart, kind, generous, diligent, steadfast, prayerful and my dad is the Greatest American I'll ever know.  I can thank him for my sentimentality, my love of South Carolina, my ability to say, "ya'll," my passion for ice cream, my love of leadership....  I could literally write a whole blog about everything my dad means to me and taught me.  He's an incredible man.

Father's are important, and in a world where Fathers are becoming a rarity, I just wanna say, thanks.  I know I am blessed and it's not because of anything I did.  But I have a Great Dad and I want him to know that I am one thankful daughter.

He paid for my college.  Wow.

My earliest memories were dad coming home from work and giving us all "uniform hugs" before dinner.  I remember getting smooshed on his uniform "bling"
I love them.

Dad, in Desert Storm, when I was a baby.
I love you, Dad.

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