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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Last weekend I had the best kind of cross-training: hiking.  I love to say "Virginia is for Runners," but the reality is that Virginia is for hikers, and trail-runners.  

Saturday I drove 2.5 hours north up I-81 into Elizabeth's Furnace in the GW National forest.  So thankful I didn't have to go alone because Charisse, a dear Roanoke friend, kept me company.  It's good times.  My sister Abigail & her Pablo fearlessly led their church on a 3-day camping trip and it was great to walk awhile with the Grace DC crowd.  AND I slept in my bed after that hike.  Had some gloriously conversations about home and transience and good church.  I even got to share why I run.  Hey preborns, I try to speak for you when I can!

Sometimes, it's good to take a hike.

One of the vistas

the hiking group!

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