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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sunday's ACOMIN!

It's hard to know what to write because my heart and mind are kinda everywhere.  Welcome to a week of PA School INFORMATION OVERLOAD as well as a week of hyper-emotionality about issues I am passionate about.

Scattered thoughts in brief:
  • I love my mom.  I must've called her at least 5 or 6 times this week just because she's so great to process life and circumstances with.  Mom, I miss you.
  • In a few hours I'll be (most likely) failing a couple exams on pediatrics but I've realized I can't let my writing-processing fall by the wayside, like running, it's necessary to be balanced and necessary for life success.  
  • And sometimes my ADD writing and reading pays off: this week I've heard of three submissions I'm going to have published.  One in a no-name, start-up ethics journal, and 2 other pieces in the national PA magazine.  WIN!  Dream publication?  Runner's World.  One day.  
  • Saturday's the WINTER GREEN CHALLENGE, or the "mini-mudder."  I am so not ready to swealter through crazy obstacles but I will!
  • Sad news: JCHS said they were NOT gonna keep paying for my races.  This is sad, sad halt to my racing career.  :(
  • Happy news: tomorrow is Friday and SUNDAY's a'comin'

Keep praying for those precious preborns and pray I get a little $ for Blueridge!!!  They need all our prayers and support as their pivotal role is SOOOOO needed in my community!  Thank you, Jesus for amazing places that support women and help them make positive choices for LIFE!

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