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Sunday, November 11, 2012

...errrr, time to get therious!

This weekend was an Indian Summer in the Roanoke Valley which was just the respite we all need before the short (but long to me) Virginia winter sets in.  Running in cold isn't all bad and it's especially not all bad when you get to take advice from a local triathlon running legend.  

Saturday, I volunteered at a 5k--a first--I'd never volunteered a race but only ever ran them.  I was thankful that Mark Long of Roanoke's Fellowship of Christian Athletes Endurance Roanoke Huddle who so graciously stepped in at the last second to bring his FCA gear to the JCHS 5k turn around and blast some Chris Tomlin music for the runners.  Runners are the best, but Christian runners...wow.  Mark kinda reminded me that the Blue Ridge Marathon is coming up and I should probably get more mileage in than the measly 30 I'm getting in each week.  So I ran 11 miles today in honor of veterans.  

And he gave some other Blue Ridge Advice:
  • Run the Course in chunks, 8 or 10 miles worth.
  • Mark spots on the course you plan to walk during the 26.2
  • Always run hills
  • Set a goal mileage for the week and just work it in however/whenever
  • It's never too cold to run (I just gathered that implicitly)  :)
Ok, now to figure out when in daylight hours I can do this.  But who's afraid of crazy drivers on the parkway...oh yeah, moi.  

Anyhoo, marathons are therious, but loving people, praying hard, and being thankful in all things is too.  

I think I might have a good Monday tomorrow.

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