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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cold November

It's been a cold month of November is many ways literally here as winter approaches the Blue Ridge Mountains but God is waking up souls and warming them to love.

I'm not gonna lie that I like abortion, that I think abortion is okay, that abortion doesn't matter to our country, or that it's not my problem.  That's silly.  So on post-election days like today when I realize that 60% of folks from my home state want to pay for the innocent slaughter, my blood pressure goes up, and I cry, and I don't feel like running.

I love babies.  I love their moms.  And I get asked a lot, "Caroline, why are you so Pro-Life?"  I don't want to anger anyone or hurt their feelings (maybe not), but guess what, abortion HURTS.  It hurts a lot of my friends.  I have many friends that have chosen abortion and they still deal daily with the loss (though praise God many find PERFECT FORGIVENESS at the cross).


Our president, our Senate majority, 60+ percent of Floridians
think that this is fine, this ok, this healthcare, that if this is taken away 
their daughters and granddaughters lives will be RUINED.

This is why I run.  No matter how small (yeah, I've heard the dumb "it's only bad if the baby's after 20 weeks" argument), that's a human.  And I do cry over a nation that is so inconvenienced by people, they kill them.

Just like I can't make people become runners, I can't make them see a baby in the womb is a being that shouldn't be ripped apart of flushed down a toilet.  Only Jesus, the Life Giver can do that.  But please, watch a youtube and I hope it clarifies to you why I am Pro-life.  Forgive my "moral opinions" that seem so obvious to me.

May God protect and save little babies in Roanoke whose moms choose to seek help at the Blue Ridge Women's Center.  Will you help those moms?  Or will you trap them into making a difficult decision that hurts everyone involved?

Choose life.

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