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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

23 Days, 10 hours, 38 seconds...

Alright.  So it's about time I attempt to update this forgotten running blog.  I will.

In short, most of my training has looked a lot like 4,5, 6 milers with a 10 miler thrown in every couple weeks for good measure.  Probably haven't gotten past 35 miles a week to be perfectly honest.  And why not be.  The Blue Ridge Marathon will be TOUGH.

I have, I must boast, completed in increments the scary 3 mountains of the course:

1) Roanoke Mountain: done.
2) Mill Mountain: done x 100.  Love that spot.
3) Peakwood Mountain: ouch but done.

Now to just put them together...and not die.

That mammoth one at the beginning is Roanoke mountain and now I see why: it really is a mountain.

And I ran up it.  Twice.  The second time was on Monday (I did Roanoke and Peakwood together) when I was supposed to be taking off the morning to study for an exam (whoopsies) and we had a freak snow storm so the road was semi-covered in icy snow.  It was incredibly beautiful and incredibly worth it.  I think the entire marathon will be too.

I'm starting to get pumped for this.  I'm gonna keep up the early morning gym routine which I finally got the hang of last week, lift loads of weights, drink loads of coffee, and celebrate Easter.

Happy marathoning, everyone (because all of LIFE is a marathon).

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